N95 masks manufactured in the USA
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Where can I buy the N95 masks manufactured in USA?

The world right now is facing a pandemic caused by an emerging virus called SARS-CoV-2. To stop the transmission of this virus, the use of personal protective equipment like gloves, masks, etc. has become necessary for every individual. And due to their excessive usage, a shortage of PPE, especially masks has occurred in many countries. Front line workers, doctors, and health professionals are compelled to reuse their older masks and this is dangerous not only for them but also for the patients and their families.

Taking advantage of the situation, many companies in the world have come forward selling fake and non-FDA approved masks. Since many such cases have been reported lately, people are confused that from where they should buy safe and FDA approved N95 masks manufactured in the USA. Well, to ease your search, this article brings you a list of authentic companies selling high-quality masks and that too in affordable prices. So, let’s give it a quick read and get your masks ordered today!

United States Mask

This Fort Worth-based company was built in Texas in 2020 by two Americans, John Bielamowicz and David Baillargeon when they realized that health care workers and doctors are reusing their masks which were imported from other countries. This company sells NIOSH approved respirators and the price of their masks is more affordable as compared to other companies. This company also put masks on sale in limited quantities.

Protective Health Gear

This company is in New Jersey and it sells NIOSH-approved masks. This company now makes 1 million masks per month and they also offer masks on sales on their websites for doctors and front-line healthcare workers. 

ALG Health

This company was launched in Northwest Ohio in 2020 as a product of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is one of the top-rated companies making the highest-quality of different types of N95 masks at their factory. All their masks are supported by Berry Amendment Compliant. The company also gives customized and labeled masks according to the customer’s requirements.  Moreover, the company also manufactures non-surgical and industrial masks. Patriot masks is one of their most sold brand mask which are NIOSH and FDA approved. The company can be trusted for purchase because it has a very well-established website outlining every possible detail about their products and services. In case you have any concerns, you can get your queries answered. The product line of the company is much refined offering its customer with a wide variety of masks The best part is their masks are designed so that they comfortably fir with eyewear and hearing protection. If you want to invest in a safe and virus-free future, get your patriot masks from ALG health right now! Visit the website and place the order   


Headquarters of this company is in North Carolina and it makes a lot of other products besides safety products. It was considered to be one of the biggest companies that started manufacturing N95 masks at the beginning of pandemic but has now extended its operations and invested in many Honeywell facilities in Rhode Island, Smithfield, etc. to speed up the manufacturing process of N95 masks. They also sell masks online on their website.

The current pandemic has affected millions of people in the world and the only way to protect yourself from this novel virus and its infection is the use of PPE, especially masks. So try to buy certified and safe masks from authentic companies and use them while going anywhere. If you are confused about the above-mentioned companies and are still looking for a sincere recommendation, we suggest you visit alghealth.com. They can be the finest choice to be trusted for buying masks. Believe us, they worth your money and time.   

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