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3 Tips to Safely Use N95 Respirator Masks for Protection against COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has had severe consequences on the world due to repetitive episodes of new strains taking full advantage of the vulnerability of our immune systems before vaccination. People were mostly unaware of the significance of wearing face masks along with other precautionary measures to be taken to stop coronavirus from spreading. All these factors led the virus to target people with weaker immune systems and mutate easily to become even more powerful. The Delta variant being the strongest contender among all the other variants compelled the government to issue mask mandates for defeating the deadly disease sooner. It is essential to keep wearing face masks in crowded indoors and outdoors to curb the spread of COVID-19 and all its variants.

ALG Health is providing the nation with premium quality surgical masks and N95 masks manufactured in USA. They have globally sourced materials to design comfortable and reliable PPEs to facilitate the nation in every possible way. Their state-of-the-art production facility ensures that they have best-in-class products certified from NIOSH to proudly serve the American medical community, first responders, and the general public. Customers should however be careful to use masks properly and keep everyone safe.

Choose a Comfortable Design 

Face masks are meant to fit snuggly covering the mouth and nose for optimal protection against viruses and dust. N95 masks manufactured in USA are comfortable to wear so the wearers don’t face any problem following masking up mandates in their state. American-made masks have dual head straps to secure the mask in place without needing readjustment while KN95 masks have ear loops that might feel irritable to some people.

Safely Reuse N95 Respirator Masks 

It is considered safe to reuse N95 particulate respirators provided that the pathogens are allowed to die off completely. While there was no option other than using the same respirators during the initial COVID phase, people still have reasons to save up on masks. It usually takes 4 to 5 days for the coronavirus pathogens to die and allow you to use the mask again. Using at least 5 N95 respirator masks in rotation helps you keep minimal storage with no compromise on safety.

Make Sure the Mask is Not Damage 

While N95 respirator masks are meant to stay effective for an extended period, it is critical to check the mask to prevent soiling. It is not recommended to prolong the mask used for more than 8 hours to keep the filter performance optimal. Wearing a face shield over an N95 respirator can save the mask from getting damaged and unnecessary exposure to pathogens although it may not be a feasible option each time.

There is no point in questioning the effectiveness of face masks after you have been vaccinated as you can still carry pathogens and transmit them to others around you. N95 masks manufactured in USA will protect you against the new COVID with an efficient and comfortable design provided you take care while donning and doffing the mask. Choose the mask that suits you best and play your part in defeating the virus sooner.