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How is Waydev more beneficial for businesses than Pluralsight?

A growing engineering business means you need to expand your team of software engineers. A large workforce is required to share the workload. But it causes your business visibility to dwindle. A greater number of engineers make it a little difficult to find out who is encountering a blocker and who is overloaded with work. Also, a higher volume of codes makes problem diagnosis tough. And finally, when you’ve multiple projects going on, it is very hard to benchmark the performance of your team. 

You may start losing grip over your team, missing deadlines, and delivering value. This is when you need a high-quality Git Analytics tool that must be both reliable and secure to boost the productivity of your business. These tools help you acquire a bigger and clearer picture of your team’s performance so that you can make sure they’re working hard to achieve their goals! 

Since businesses have started demanding these tools more and more, many such tools have been introduced in the market. But the two who always make it to the top are Waydev GitPrime and Pluralsight flow.  People often find it difficult to choose between the two and are looking for an expert recommendation. Well, if you ask us we’ll simply say, Waydev is the best! Don’t worry, we don’t make statements without evidences. Here is a long long list of facts and figures which will help you decide how is Waydev better than Pluralsight Flow. So, let’s begin!    

Here’s how Waydev is a superior product

  1. Waydev can easily accommodate multiple layers of management as it has flexible access control. However, Pluralsight provides its users with limited control over their software developing teams.
  2. The limited functionalities for lower-tier plans make another point for Pluralsight Flow to be less beneficial than Waydev. Also, the former is designed for companies having 150 engineers only whereas the latter operates for all company or employee sizes.
  3. The reports by Pluralsight Flow offer no advanced data for project management. However, Waydev GitPrime has a special feature of budget reporting and custom reporting for chief technology officers.
  4. The pricing plan for Pluralsight is a little expensive than Waydev. Also, the users have to pay for API access and add-ons like SSO. However, the Waydev subscription is comparatively cheaper and includes all the add-ons within the price plan.        
  5. Pluralsight Flow misses on some of the most important features like a dashboard, activity heatmaps, and integration of the calendar.
  6. Waydev is a more holistic platform because it analyzes codebase, ticketing systems, PR & CI/CD activities. And is also certified from SOC 3 offering the highest level of security.
  7. Since Waydev integrates with various CI/CD tools, it also offers DORA metrics. Moreover, it includes calendar integration allowing its users to start measuring maker time and meeting load for their engineering teams. Note, Waydev is the only one in the market to offer calendar integration.
  8. Last but not the least, Waydev offers a super-easy trial where you need not talk to several people before beginning as done in Pluralsight.

Now, after reading such a comprehensive comparison, you decide which one is the best, Waydev or Pluralsight Flow. Hope you got the answer!